Mid-February freeze

This morning I was actually on time leaving my house for work. It was 6:40am, and the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon. I got in my car and the windows were fogged over. I turned on the defroster and the wipers, and nothing happened. It was ice. Ice in Arizona. I don’t have a scraper! I got back out of the car and searched my back seat for something I could use, and came up with an empty gum package that I dug out from deep under the seat. It worked okay, but took a while since it was just scraping about a half-inch section at a time. I finally got my windsheild and my back window cleared, and got back in the car and drove towards the office. I looked at the clock and 10 minutes had passed! I was late anyway! NOOO!

Plus I forgot to de-ice my side mirror, so here I was driving down the 202 freeway with my hand out the window, feebly scraping at the ice with my nails from my frozen mirror while trying to concentrate on the road.

Ice in Arizona? I’m not prepared for these conditions anymore. But even though it made me late, it was pretty cool to feel like I was home again in some small way.





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