Saying hello

You guys, I am exhausted lately!

This has been another busy month, filled with good stuff for the most part but still, filled. I need a few days off!

I’ve been producing and selling quite a bit. I had another sale on etsy and my friend ordered four necklaces from me. I also picked up some faceted yellow crystals and some pretty roses when I stopped at the store the other day to pick up supplies, so I made myself a bracelet. Nice and colorful for spring! Image

The weather is perfect lately. We’ve had lots of rain and cloudy days, cooler air and actual breezes. Very rare in my neck of the woods. I’m loving the hell out of it though, since it will be in the triple digits soon enough.

My mom celebrated her 64th birthday on the 16th. My husband was busy shooting a film project that night and couldn’t make it, so it ended up being just us girls. We ate barbeque and I made chocolate cream-filled cupcakes. We laughed a lot and had a great time. This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom recently, because she isn’t posing. That’s a real belly-laugh right there! I love my mom!

ImageWe ate our cupcakes at my sister’s house, and played with the dogs and just sat around and talked. Really great night.

ImageIn pretty major news, my husband got a new job, at MY job! He starts tomorrow at STA Travel as a travel specialist in the International Programs department. I am so excited for him, and I’m looking forward to passing him in the halls! I hope he loves the job, I certainly do! Plus maybe between his travel discounts and mine, and the fact that he’s going to have 3 weeks PTO like I do, we can finally plan and take our honeymoon! We’ve been married almost four years already, I’d say we earned it.

That’s about all I have for now. Be back soon when things slow down a bit!

ImageOh, and Jack says hi!



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