Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday, which it turns out is a real thing. Who knew? Well, Catholics and Christians, mostly I guess.

When I was a little kid, my family was quite active in the church. We were Presbyterian, which is very christian-light, but still we were there, we represented every Sunday in our best mary janes and cleanest dresses. 

Around Easter, my mom and Granny would talk about something called “Maundy Thursday”. To me, it always sounded like they were just mispronouncing “Monday Thursday” in their heavy east-coast accents. To me, it also seemed like another reason to have to go to church, so I never pursued questions about it and just went back to playing Barbies in my room.

I haven’t thought about the term in years, having not been part of any religious ceremony nowadays. Today I was reading my usual blogs and came across a post about it, and it made me think of mom and Granny, and it made me smile.

As much as I was never a religious person even as a kid, it’s nice to have some traditions. I still didn’t read the wikipedia page or anything, and I can guess the meaning behind it, but as a kid you just sort of took these traditions in and went along with it, and sometimes it was nice to get a new Easter dress and get to show it off.



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  1. Maundy Thursday came and went, and I was probably moody the whole day. Therefore, I proclaim it Moody Thursday. Just for me. If you want to be moody too, that’s your call. I didn’t read the Wikipedia page or anything, but I think it was the day they had the Last Supper. Which, I imagine, was a rather moody affair, since they all knew Jesus was going to be killed the next day… Also, there were no women there and the men were all depressed about it being such a sausage party.

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