Tonight’s nails…

…..are green!


That’s ‘Covet’ by Urban Decay, with a little silver sequin on each nail. Because I had nothing better to do than watch (nail) paint dry.

Also of note: tonight as my husband and I were leaving Yogurtland (mmmm), a bug flew into my ear and lodged itself in there. EWWW! It felt so gross, and I could hear it flapping it’s gross wings in my ear!! This has been one of my irrational fears for, like, EVER.

I cringed and whined all the way home until I could stab it with a Q-tip. That promply smooshed it and there was dead bug on the tip of the cotton. Relieved that it was dead, but now the new fear is that there’s still bug parts in my ear. Again, EWWWWWWWWWW!!


One response

  1. Flush that ear out with something, ya turkey! Get any residual bug-parts out of there. You don’t want little crawlies setting up shop in your cranium. No one wants that. Well… except for people who might be into that sort of thing. But those people should probably just be shot on principle, anyway.

    I love how you paint your nails! This green business was particularly pretty. Great job!

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