Bike ride

Spring has already come and gone in Arizona, and already we are at the triple digit heat once again. The kind of heat that feels like it presses on your lungs when you take too deep a breath. As per usual, I am homesick for my native New Jersey. For green leaves and colorful flowers exploding around you. For gorgeous, mild days and still slightly chilly nights. And most of all, for a good bike ride.

It’s hard to ride my bike. Mostly because it’s a man’s beach cruiser, and as cute and cherry red as it is, it’s way too tall for me. I have to lean almost completely sideways to jump off of it, and if I happen to hit a rock or hit the curb wrong, I’m not really able to catch myself.Image

Here’s one of the last times I rode it, through the old cemetery by our house. I LOVE riding my bike there, and maybe if I had a bike that fit me better I could do it more.

Ideally I’d like a yellow bike with narrow tires, like this one:


So pretty, right? I love yellow!

I like these two, both from Walmart and probably more in my price range than the yellow beauty above.



As much as I would love to buy a bike from an adorable little bike shop, they are a bit out of my price range.

But is it worth it to get a bike now, here in Arizona? How often would I ride before the weather cools off in October? If I were moving back to NJ tomorrow, would I be able to take it? I’m not sure I should get one just yet.

But to feel the breeze through my hair and listen to the crunch of the tires over gravel sounds amazing to me right about now.

Maybe I’ll just stick to daydreaming until summer is over, because if I stop and walk around for a bit anywhere and park it in direct sunlight, I just might lose the skin on my butt when I try to climb back on the seat.

It’s a toughy deciding if I should get a Huffy……






I love rhymes! Sue me!



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