Friday Cheats


My dad recently visited us here in Arizona for 10 days. Overall we had an awesome time, however while he was here I believe I gained around 30 pounds. It feels that way anyway. We ate burgers and pizza and candy and had ice cream every day. And while that is a diet I would have envied as an 8-year old, my 33 year old self can’t quite handle that amount of garbage in her system. My pants were suddenly too tight, and I really missed going to the bathroom, is what I’m saying.

He left on May 13, so starting on the 15th I decided enough was enough. No more white pasta, no white rice and very little cheese. More veggies, more fruit and no soda. That last one is the hardest of all, since I don’t drink coffee so Dr. Pepper is my best friend when it comes to caffeine.

So far I am doing great! I’ve had a few things that aren’t totally in-line with my new eating plan, but very few. I have turned down baked goods all over the place, including some extremely tempting cupcakes for a friend’s birthday here in the office. I have only had two sodas in the past 9 days, and today was one of them.

Today I decided to treat myself a bit since I have been staying on track for the most part and I was really craving french fries. I got Chick Fil A for lunch. Eight piece nugget meal with fries and a Dr. P. And honestly? I couldn’t finish it! Either my stomach shrank, or it’s already gotten used to my new veggie-heavy style. All that fried food filled my stomach up and I left two nuggets and more than half of my fries behind. That NEVER happened before with Chick Fil A. Anyway, it’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Tonight I am having a gigantic salad, and since right now my stomach is just a lump filled with grease right now, I am seriously looking forward to crunchy veggies! Mmmmmm


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