Cubicle Redo-Before and After

My cubicle at work needed a makeover. I spend most of my time there, why not make it a little brighter and less cluttered?

I turned to my trusty Pinterest and searched “Cubicle redo”. And there I found my solution, “wallpaper” it with cute fabric! I picked up two yards of a simple and clean patterned fabric, gathered some straight pins and scissors and in 20 minutes, my cube went from this….

cube beforeTo this…!
cube after

So much better! Now if I could only find a way to get rid of those stupid fluorescent fixtures above and replace them with track lighting….

photosI even finally hung a few photos in a green frame I had gotten at Target’s christmas clearance for $2, which has been collecting dust at home for months.

So happy I did this, every time I sat down today it put me in a good mood. And how often can you say that about a cubicle?

(And before anyone asks, that doll in the top corner is Thug Baby, sort of our office mascot. Sharpie eyebrows and ‘THUG LIFE’ tattooed across his fingers. My office is cooler than your office.)


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