Pinterest Fails

So you guys know I love Pinterest, right? I mean, the subject of my last post was based on just one of the many amazing ideas I had gotten from pinterest.

That being said, there are some things that pop up on there that are just kind of ridiculous, even to me, the girl who once hand-painted a 2″ flower pot with teensy tiny skeletons and shaded all their little bones with grey paint. I’ve saved a few pins that made me laugh or bewildered me, such as….

love them

Quotes that make no sense or have a completely needy-BS feeling that they convey. I see these all day long on there. Stuff like, “Realizing you don’t miss the person, you miss the memories…” just makes me roll my eyes to no one in particular. Unless you have alzheimer’s, you still have those memories. They are memories. You remember them, even as you photoshop words over a soft-focus background. The one above means you should love everyone, but all I get from that is an image of a sad teen girl with low self-esteem, trying to make excuses for loving a friend or boyfriend who treats her like crap. In soft focus.


“EASY” tutorials like the one above. To use the overused meme above, ain’t nobody got time for that. Speaking of ain’t nobody got time…..


This one above had a note of “easy nail tutorial”. Really? I mean, come on really? If that’s easy I’ll eat my own weight in butter substitute. But that might cause cellulite……


Are girls out there really worried about this amount of cellulite? Are we making people neurotic about their bodies with images like this as the “before” picture? Because I can show you more dimples than Shirley Temple on these thighs, and I am not about to cry over it. This one was from a pin marked “DIY Cellulite remedies”. Step one: get actual cellulite.

red lipstick

Lastly and probably my most hated one, “How to apply red lipstick”. Sweetheart, if you need a tutorial to smear your mouth with lipstick, there isn’t much hope for you out there in this world. Maybe focus on other stuff, like reading books and your education, because you are going to need that out there in this big scary world if you can’t figure out lipstick. The name in itself is a tutorial.

Ok, this was a snarky post I admit, but I just had to rant a bit! Rant over.

Now back to pinning pretty clothes and house ideas…….



One response

  1. I hate these kinds of pins, too! Especially the nail art tutorials. I have yet to see ONE that looks realistically do-able. I can barely manage a few coats and a layer of top coats. Pinterest is giving stupid people grandiose ideas.

    That very first photo– “you can’t save people, you can just love them” is not true. You can save people. I just imagined someone drowning out in that ocean and some idiot just watching them go down, yelling to the person “I love you!” the whole time. Dive in, throw a life preserver, do SOMETHING ya yella-bellied coward jackass!

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