Advanced Squirrel Repair

squirrel repair

Jack loves to destroy his toys. And by destroy, I mean he completely removes all traces of stuffing, chews any squeakers into tiny plastic bits, removes any limbs/ears/tails, and then turns whatever is left inside out. It is at this stage that he is usually “done” with the toy. This entire process takes about a week, maybe two if the toy is particularly well-made. His previous favorite sheep toy is currently abandoned on my office floor, earless, missing two legs and completely turned inside out. Poor little sheep!

His current favorite toy is a muslin squirrel with a soft bushy tail. I found it on clearance on an end-cap at Target for $1.50, and sensing he was near the end of playtime with his sheep, I picked it up for him. Turns out this squirrel is surprisingly well made. Jack has had it for a good two weeks now and only JUST broke through the stitching this past weekend. I caught it in the early stages, before he got all of the stuffing and the squeaker out, so I did some squirrel-surgery on him. I am determined to make this little guy last a bit longer! As you can see, his ear has been removed, but most of the head was still salvagable. Since I took the picture above, he has now lost his little front paw, so I have stitched that hole shut too.

Jack is completely confused by this. This is the squirrel that will not DIE! I’m hoping to get another week out of this poor creature, but Jack might have other plans….



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