Jaba the Cat-Owner

How can it be Monday already? I demand an answer, and another day for me to crawl into my bed with the freshly-laundered sheets where two soft and sweet little cats and a shiny black cuddle-monster of a dog await to snuggle me off to a long and dreamy afternoon nap.

Instead, I sit at my desk, waiting for an email or call to give me something to do, as I chew my nails and watch the clock.

I’ve been on a roll lately at home, creative-wise. Coming to work is necessary and as much as I love coming in and hanging out with my coworkers (I really do, that’s not sarcasm), I’ve been in the zone with crafting and all I want to do is keep that ball rolling.

In other news, I  won two free movie tickets for my entry in the “Cats In Bikinis” MS Paint drawing contest here at work! Here is my entry:

Cat wars

Please note the semi-accurate depiction of Princess Leia’s bikini and the Millenium Falcon. I worked harder on this than I should have, probably. MS Paint is hard to draw in so I didn’t get the expression on the cat that I was going for. But still, I won!! I’m using my free tickets tonight to see “Pacific Rim”.

Anyway, that’s about all that is happening in my life right now. Oh, and today the Royal baby was born. It was a boy, no name yet. It’s big news that a lot of people care about for some reason. So there you go.


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