Shots and burgers

I got a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago to remind us that Jack’s license was due for renewal and we had to get him his 2 year rabies vaccine. We haven’t had the time to take him to get his shots but decided this was the weekend. it also happens that today is our one year anniversary of bringing our boy home from the pound!

Here’s me trying to get a kiss from him before we left. He could sense impending doom, I think. Image

We ended up taking him back to that very place to get his shots today, and we were wondering if he would remember that place. I am not sure if he did, but all the smells and other dogs really freaked him out a bit.

You can see a little bit of fear in his eyes. Poor Jacky. ImageHe barked and shrieked a little at the other dogs that were all around, but once he met them he calmed down and behaved. ImageThere were some friendly dogs around, but mostly scared ones. The couple in front of us had a little dachshund and a really pretty black lab mix, and she was so nervous. She kept hiding under her dad’s arm, poor thing. There was also a beautiful and huge golden retriever being adopted by a nice mexican lady, waiting in line behind us. Jack gave the golden a nice kiss on the nose. I was proud of my boy. ImageIt was finally our turn and jack got his shots on the little carpet outside the clinic. It happened really fast but he didn’t squirm away or yelp, just tensed up a little but then it was over.

But for being so good, we decided a trip through the McDonald’s drive through was in order. We got him a plain hamburger and I think all thoughts of needles were erased from his mind.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageI hope he’s had a good first year here with us. I never thought I would be one of those people that talks about their dog like he’s a person, but he is our little man! He’s brought so much fun and joy into our house, and I’m forever grateful that I happened to stop by the shelter that day last August.

Now Jack is telling his cats all about his big ordeal and the yummy burger that followed. sorry to interrupt, guys!!



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  1. Oh, my precious nephew… he just fits into this family like he has always been here! I’m glad he was a good boy today and didn’t seem to have post traumatic disorder in returning to the place where it all began. Give my sweet Joodles a kiss from his Aunt-ie. (Ahhn-ty)

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