High arches and playlists


Yesterday I made a fairly big commitment to this running habit I’ve picked up. I went to Roadrunner and got custom insoles. These are not cheap but damn are they awesome. I am heading to the gym shortly to try them out with a good run, but just wearing them around the house all day has made a difference.

According to the analysis, I have extremely high arches and I tend to lean on the outside of my left foot. I also have little flexibility in my ankles, and all of these things are contributing to my shin splints problem. Even though I’ve been stretching and warming up, it’s probably not enough and my muscles are trying to over-correct for the way I walk. The new insoles should really help support my feet better and make running/walking easier. Like I said, it was a little pricey but hopefully worth it. I’m at the point now with running where i really feel like I could keep going but the pain in my shins makes me stop, and that sucks. Hopefully not anymore! Cannot wait until the weather cools down again and i can run outside. I know it’s going to feel completely different from the treadmill so I want to be in top form for whatever hills and valleys come along.

I’ve also been building some good playlists for the gym, and since I keep searching other people’s playlists for inspiration I thought maybe I should post mine too, in case anyone wants some good music to move to!

  • Lonely Boy, The Black Keys- A good beat and catchy as hell, I find myself running faster to keep up with it.
  • Starlight, Muse-A good song to zone out to and forget you are exercising.
  • 24, Jem-This song has such a good build to it, and her voice is awesome.
  • Drumming Song, Florence and the Machine-I have lots of F&TM on all of my playlists lately. Good lyrics, lots of drums, powerful stuff.
  • Yamaha, Delta Spirit-Good for a cool down or for a break between all the crazy fast-paced songs. Still keeps you moving though!
  • Touched, VAST-An old favorite of mine, another good “forget you are working so hard” kind of song. Pretty.
  • Tigerlily, La Roux-Catchy and intense
  • Jerome, Lykke Li-Another drum-heavy song that is just super fun to run to.
  • Land of Confusion, Genesis-80’s awesomeness, one of my favorite songs as a little kid and still a favorite now.
  • Radioactive, Imagine Dragons-I wish all Imagine Dragons songs sounded like this one. Love!

Alright enough stalling, I’m off to see how far my legs can carry me! Happy Sunday!!


2 responses

  1. Everyone is running! You’re running, Crystal’s running. My friend Sara is running. I want to run! But I better wait a while to get back into that since I haven’t been doing it for awhile. Happy running!

  2. Ha! Land of Confusion is on mine too! I love that song. :) Thanks for sharing your list, I’m always looking for new stuff. And yay for you and your running! You are awesome :)

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