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I usually avoid writing too much personal information on this blog, because TMI is not always a good thing when you are looking for light reading on your lunch break. However I have realized something recently and wanted to share my experience with you, because maybe it could help other people too. But if there are any men-folk reading this, feel free to ditch this post, I won’t be offended! ;)

A few months ago I decided to stop taking birth control. Gulp. After 11 years taking those tiny pills it was a big decision. This was brought on by the fact that my husband and I are thinking about starting our family and I wanted to have any and all chemicals out of my system that I could before we started trying to have a baby. Plus I was curious about how my body would function without it, and to see if any changes would happen to me or my hormones. Turns out, there are a lot of changes.

Now I’m not saying everyone would have the same experience that I have had, but there are definite noticeable, positive changes that have been happening to me.

The first of all is that I sleep better. The longer I am off of the pill I feel more rested when I wake up, and I’m remembering my dreams, which is new for me. I never remembered my dreams! I woke up laughing yesterday because I dreamed that Matt Damon was changing his name to “Neptune” and becoming a bodybuilder. Where did that come from? My crazy brain, being random and creative. Last night I dreamed I was in some sort of “Great Race” type reality show and I was running an obstacle course across the countryside. And then I stopped and ate raspberry ice cream at a farmer’s market. Bahahah!

Secondly, I have motivation again. It’s no accident that I’ve been working out like crazy and enjoying it. I felt so tired and sluggish all the time, and I blame hormones. I have felt like I am waking up, that I’ve been wasting time being tired and lazy for so many years. My body is ready to move, and is capable of much more than just sitting at work all day, coming home and sitting on the couch until dinner and then sitting in front of the computer all night. How boring is that?? I feel energized and excited for any physical changes that come along, but feeling strong and having endurance are their own reward.

Third, my appetite has dropped off drastically. I was ALWAYS hungry. Always snacking and craving junk food and had to make the most of every meal. No small meals for me, I wanted big, heavy stuff all the time, and I’d eat until my plate was clean. Lately I’ve been okay with just one order of nuggets from Wendy’s and a glass of water for lunch. Hahaha, so not like me! The other day I went to subway and got just a sub on whole wheat bread, and had that with a glass of water too. I’m not craving sugar and salt and fat like I was, and I’ve even skipped a couple of meals for just not being hungry. I know people deny that the pill makes women gain weight, but I really feel like the pill causes the symptoms that cause women to gain weight.

Fourth and biggest of all, I haven’t had crazy mood swings or depression. Could be that all of my working out helps with that too, but it’s odd for me not to have a little cry-fit every couple of days over nothing at all. I have had ups and downs, most of which I’ve kept private. I would get snotty for no reason, or let the fact that my husband didn’t read my mind and fold the laundry make me super angry. I was telling a friend of mine about stopping birth control around the time I stopped, and she said that she couldn’t take it at all because it made her severely depressed. I didn’t think anything of my depression problems, since they tend to plague my whole family so I never made any connection to depression and the pill. But I really feel like that since going off of the medication my mind is clearer, more rational and less prone to fits of anger or extreme sadness.

Again, I really can’t say if everyone would have these same results but it’s been almost three months now and I feel like I’m more myself that I’ve been in a long time. Who knows what these shitty chemicals we put in our bodies are really doing to us? This whole thing has really got me thinking about what I put into my body, and maybe I deserve better than that.


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  1. :) I’m so happy for you! It all sounds great and I’ve enjoyed reading this.

    My own personal experiences, having been off the Pill temporarily a couple of times, between moving, changing doctors, etc… is that I do lose weight, but I also experience a lot of severe anxiety and paranoia, at least initially, probably the stress of one results in the other… or the stress and anxiety is caused by being off the Pill and terrified of getting pregnant. I don’t know…

  2. I love that you’ve noticed all these positive changes! You’ve really impressed me these days, since the change in you in really noticeable. Another one– not that your skin was bad before or anything, but the last time we hung out I thought your skin looked great. Can I cut it off and wear your face?

    Oh, damn. Big sister always gotta go and make it weird.

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