Holiday ready

ImageAlmost December. How did that happen? This is my favorite part of the year, the entire time around Halloween through New Year’s Eve. The weather in Arizona has cooled off and we’ve had some actual rainy days, one of which was this past Saturday. I slept in a bit and when I got up my husband and I went to a late breakfast at Lo Fi Coffee Shop in Mesa, right on Main Street. We sat outside and breathed in the fresh damp air and ate slowly, so happy to enjoy being outside for a change.

We wandered around the shops down there, including a great store called LuluBelle Toy Bodega, who specialize in art toys and books. I picked up the coloring book above, as well as the strange little kewpi doll. Not sure why he caught my eye but I added him to my collection of weird toys and tchotckes on the dining room wall. He just fits.

I’m planning to head down to Main Street again on Black Friday, while my husband fights the shoppers at Best Buy for a new tv. Yes, our tv finally took a crap on us, after 6 years. It was a floor model when we bought it, so it still lasted a pretty good amount of time considering the deal we got. Hopefully he can order the tv we want on the website instead of heading to Best Buy in person. I on the other hand will be casually strolling through the boutiques and the antique mall that afternoon, where there are some sales going on but it won’t be nearly as crowded. I’m excited actually, since it really helps put me in the holiday spirit to look at the cute Christmas windows and see all the sparkling trees and lights on display down there. Plus a lot less crowds to deal with make me feel like the holidays can still be a time where we slow down and enjoy all the pretty things around us, rather than stand in line at Target for two hours.

I’ve added some new items to the shop by the way, so definitely check it out for some gift ideas! I’ll be adding more again soon so check back often. Some of the items posted will be hard to part with, particularly the Cinderella bracelet. The colors and the text on the tiny poster just look so soft and girlie, it’s hard not to keep that one myself!

ImageI hope you are all getting into the holiday spirit! I’ll be back to post again soon, I promise!


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