Christmas favorites


Again I have been away far too long!! I wish I had tons of pictures to share with you all, but I have been distracted from my usual tourist lifestyle. Please accept this weird christmas tree selfie, taken before my company christmas party, at which there was a dance-off and I ended up covered in Guiness.


In lieu of an update on how busy I’ve been (thankfully with both friends AND with jewelry orders…!), I decided to share some of my favorite things at christmastime. The kind of stuff that I cannot live without once December rolls around.

  •  A Muppet Family Christmas. My favorite christmas special EVER. It aired in 1987 and was only released on VHS and DVD for a very limited time, and is now inexplicably out of print. I don’t get why you can’t buy it anymore but I am eternally grateful to the person who uploaded the entire special on youtube! It’s so sweet and nostalgic to me, and unites all the Henson characters- the Muppets, the Fraggles and the Sesame Street gang. And the very end when they entire crew is caroling their little felt hearts out, Jim Henson himself is in the kitchen washing up the holiday dishes with Sprocket from Fraggle Rock. It makes me get a little teary every time. I love The Muppets so much!! Watch the entire special here.


  • Tiny glittery houses and villages with bottle brush trees. I don’t have as many as I’d like, but I am slowly building my little collection. They just look like candy to me. So sparkly and girly and fun! I need MORE!!


  • She and Him’s Christmas Album. On heavy rotation in my house and car this time of year! It’s just perfect and pretty and simple. Love.
  • Elf. Obviously. Because, AWESOME.


  • Facebook at this time of year. Seeing my friends’ kids with Santa, screaming and crying or looking super excited in their cute little christmas outfits just makes my heart smile! (I don’t know this family below but look at the terror! Amazing!!

santaWhat are your favorite things about the holidays you can’t live without? I adore this time of year but it’s over way too fast. I can’t say I’ll be back to post again before christmas, but in case I don’t, Happy holidays to you and your families!! Much love, Trish :)


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