Another year gone

It’s 2014!

2013 has been an okay kind of year, I’m not sad to see it go but I’m not hostile about it either. I feel like my facebook feed is one giant repeat of posts like, “Good riddance 2013!” and “Thank god 2013 is over!”. Looks like it was a pretty bad year for most of my friends!

I realized that the longer I live in Arizona, the less I care about NYE or the holidays in general and that’s just crappy. Maybe it’s just getting older and not just a location thing, but you never really make true friends in a new place like the friends you grew up with, and the mixture of obligations and flaky people this year kind of highlighted all of that and made me a little homesick for the east.

New Year’s Eve didn’t feel like a holiday at all to me. I worked all day and I was busy, and even had trouble leaving because of a last-minute ticketing issue that came up. I went to the grocery store on my way home to pick up some things since it looked like we were going to stay in, so better to get dinner sooner than have to deal with it later. The closest store to me is the Walmart Market, and going there raises my blood pressure on a regular day, much less a holiday! I fought crowds to get what I needed, and had a hard time even backing out of the spot in the parking lot, as a HUGE family decided to slowly saunter behind my car in single file, taking their time and even stopping to talk right behind my car. I had my brake lights on and was ready to ease off the brake at any moment, but they cared exactly 0.0%. By the time I got home I was cranky and tired, and all I wanted to do was take a nap and relax before dinner. My phone kept ringing so I turned off the ringer, gave the pets a little bit of food so they would leave me alone and went to my bedroom to get changed. I pulled off my new navy blue t-shirt and did a double-take in the mirror.  All of my skin had been dyed a deep dark shade of BLUE. Everywhere the shirt touched was tinted blue, but anywhere I had sweat was as dark navy as the shirt itself! If there was a way for me to take a non-inappropriate photo of my skin I would post it here, it was that blue. I took a shower and scrubbed for about a half hour, and it was better but I still looked like an extra from “Avatar”. My white shower-pouf thingy is now blue as well, but so what. At that point I just had to laugh, and be thankful that my friends had cancelled on me and I wasn’t hosting a NYE party. I took a nap, had a late dinner and watched the ball drop from the comfort of my couch, and it was fine.

So welcome 2014, may you be productive and full of positive changes for all of us!

(I also resolve to spend a lot more time in my pajamas. Because…….comfortable. And because they won’t dye me like an easter egg. Win-win!)


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