Our first home

136 N PomeroyWe’ve yet to make the official Facebook announcement (and may not, honestly. Life without FB can be strangely calmer!) but my husband and I bought our first house! This is very exciting for us, and naturally it was a giant stressful process that we felt ill-prepared for. We managed to get through it, despite lots of confusion and costs we didn’t anticipate, and we signed the closing papers on June 17th, getting our keys on the following day, June 18th. This is only one month after the listing popped up in our MLS, on May 15th. We saw the listing, my husband drove by it(no time to tour it though!), we fell in love with it through pictures and put in an offer sight unseen. And our offer got accepted. We did NOT expect that. Our friends who had recently purchased homes spent months, sometimes up to a year finding a house they liked and getting their offers accepted instead of being outbid. We also were told that historic homes like these (ours was built in 1923 in the Wilbur district in Mesa, AZ) often have a huge influx of bids, with very little chance that ours would be accepted. We decided to go ahead and offer anyway, maybe we could at least tour it and get to see it. When I got that call, I was shocked and completely floored. I felt like I had been hit by a truck; a truck covered in dollar signs with a driver speaking a language I didn’t understand.

In the month that followed, we had ups and downs, lots of fears, moments of excitement and more downs. It all came together but we put off packing way longer than we should have, so by the time our moving date of June 25th rolled around, we had very little sleep and tons more to pack. It was all done by the weekend though, and we cleaned the old rental house, locked the door for the last time and turned over the keys to our landlord, whom we will miss terribly. We were very lucky to have found him, and he was so supportive to us through this whole process. Now that we are homeowners and are working without a net, so to speak, it’s a bit daunting.

Now we wake up in the cutest little house every day, stub our toes and whack our knees as we maneuver around the moving boxes everywhere and find ourselves wanting to spend every dime we have left on house stuff. We are such grown ups.


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