Another year gone

It’s 2014!

2013 has been an okay kind of year, I’m not sad to see it go but I’m not hostile about it either. I feel like my facebook feed is one giant repeat of posts like, “Good riddance 2013!” and “Thank god 2013 is over!”. Looks like it was a pretty bad year for most of my friends!

I realized that the longer I live in Arizona, the less I care about NYE or the holidays in general and that’s just crappy. Maybe it’s just getting older and not just a location thing, but you never really make true friends in a new place like the friends you grew up with, and the mixture of obligations and flaky people this year kind of highlighted all of that and made me a little homesick for the east.

New Year’s Eve didn’t feel like a holiday at all to me. I worked all day and I was busy, and even had trouble leaving because of a last-minute ticketing issue that came up. I went to the grocery store on my way home to pick up some things since it looked like we were going to stay in, so better to get dinner sooner than have to deal with it later. The closest store to me is the Walmart Market, and going there raises my blood pressure on a regular day, much less a holiday! I fought crowds to get what I needed, and had a hard time even backing out of the spot in the parking lot, as a HUGE family decided to slowly saunter behind my car in single file, taking their time and even stopping to talk right behind my car. I had my brake lights on and was ready to ease off the brake at any moment, but they cared exactly 0.0%. By the time I got home I was cranky and tired, and all I wanted to do was take a nap and relax before dinner. My phone kept ringing so I turned off the ringer, gave the pets a little bit of food so they would leave me alone and went to my bedroom to get changed. I pulled off my new navy blue t-shirt and did a double-take in the mirror.  All of my skin had been dyed a deep dark shade of BLUE. Everywhere the shirt touched was tinted blue, but anywhere I had sweat was as dark navy as the shirt itself! If there was a way for me to take a non-inappropriate photo of my skin I would post it here, it was that blue. I took a shower and scrubbed for about a half hour, and it was better but I still looked like an extra from “Avatar”. My white shower-pouf thingy is now blue as well, but so what. At that point I just had to laugh, and be thankful that my friends had cancelled on me and I wasn’t hosting a NYE party. I took a nap, had a late dinner and watched the ball drop from the comfort of my couch, and it was fine.

So welcome 2014, may you be productive and full of positive changes for all of us!

(I also resolve to spend a lot more time in my pajamas. Because…….comfortable. And because they won’t dye me like an easter egg. Win-win!)


Christmas favorites


Again I have been away far too long!! I wish I had tons of pictures to share with you all, but I have been distracted from my usual tourist lifestyle. Please accept this weird christmas tree selfie, taken before my company christmas party, at which there was a dance-off and I ended up covered in Guiness.


In lieu of an update on how busy I’ve been (thankfully with both friends AND with jewelry orders…!), I decided to share some of my favorite things at christmastime. The kind of stuff that I cannot live without once December rolls around.

  •  A Muppet Family Christmas. My favorite christmas special EVER. It aired in 1987 and was only released on VHS and DVD for a very limited time, and is now inexplicably out of print. I don’t get why you can’t buy it anymore but I am eternally grateful to the person who uploaded the entire special on youtube! It’s so sweet and nostalgic to me, and unites all the Henson characters- the Muppets, the Fraggles and the Sesame Street gang. And the very end when they entire crew is caroling their little felt hearts out, Jim Henson himself is in the kitchen washing up the holiday dishes with Sprocket from Fraggle Rock. It makes me get a little teary every time. I love The Muppets so much!! Watch the entire special here.


  • Tiny glittery houses and villages with bottle brush trees. I don’t have as many as I’d like, but I am slowly building my little collection. They just look like candy to me. So sparkly and girly and fun! I need MORE!!


  • She and Him’s Christmas Album. On heavy rotation in my house and car this time of year! It’s just perfect and pretty and simple. Love.
  • Elf. Obviously. Because, AWESOME.


  • Facebook at this time of year. Seeing my friends’ kids with Santa, screaming and crying or looking super excited in their cute little christmas outfits just makes my heart smile! (I don’t know this family below but look at the terror! Amazing!!

santaWhat are your favorite things about the holidays you can’t live without? I adore this time of year but it’s over way too fast. I can’t say I’ll be back to post again before christmas, but in case I don’t, Happy holidays to you and your families!! Much love, Trish :)

2013 is upon us! What??

IMG_62992012 is done, bitches.

I think this rather unflattering photo of me sums this year up nicely. I came, I saw, I dealt with some BS. I still kept my smile on. Overall it was a good year. And I got to wear a necklace of my friend Derrick wearing a Peter Pan outfit and riding a purple unicorn.

IMG_6314This December flew by. My husband and I spent an evening decorating sugar cookies with our awesome niece Sierra. She is a funny kid. After a while we all got a bit bored of the task, and took to decorating our faces with royal icing mustaches.

sierra icing1She gave Uncle Kane some green face flair. Cuz that’s how we roll.

kane sierra icing

trish sierra icing

group1We went to an ornament exchange party at out friends’ Brady and Laura’s house. That’s my sister next to me in the awesome fox sweater that I want to steal. Speaking of stealing, I got to choose my ornament last, so I decided to steal. I stole a bizarre glass “can” of Chicken Chow Mein, which I gloated about drunkenly since my friend Ezra really wanted to keep it.

IMG_6265See how sad he was? Well don’t worry, I promptly dropped that strange gorgeous ornament on the floor and smashed it in my fuzzy, unsteady state.

brokenBUSTED. But this seemed to cheer Ezra riiiight up.

ezra erinI guess I deserved that karma. Hahahaha.

IMG_6260A week before Christmas we got the whole family together for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Here she is force-feeding my husband some flan. Which he is not a fan of.

amanda frogsBack at work, we had a scavenger hunt (Amanda won an awesome frog calendar, I won zip-o!), an ugly sweater contest, and we decorated human christmas trees.

lawrence treeChristmas Eve I cooked a big dinner. Beef rib roast, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. We drove around and looked at lights, and I got to wear my favorite new skirt.

skirtThis was probably the most mellow of our Christmas eve’s, since we didn’t have to rush to make it to church since no church nearby seemed to be doing a night-time service. Which ended up being a good thing. We had tons of fun just watching lights and eating those cookies we all had worked so hard on.

The next day we went to my inlaws’ house for christmas dinner, and I guess I haven’t uploaded my photos of that yet so the picture tour stops here.

Overall it was a great month, and I’m going to be sad to take all my christmas stuff down this week.

tree closeupI’m hoping that 2013 will bring lots of fun and great things for us! As for tonight, my husband and I are spending tonight home together, wearing some comfy sweat pants and eating lasagna. We’ll watch the ball drop, drink some wine and go to sleep. Sounds like the perfect night to me.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope your entire 2013 is merry and bright.


14 Days until Christmas? What?

candle bannerChristmas has invaded our house! I absolutely love decorating and burning holiday-scented candles and making gifts. Tomorrow night I am starting my baking, and this year I am making two kinds of cookies, oreo truffles and brownies. Maybe I should recruit some help with all of that, since I broke my toe a few days ago and I’m currently hobbling around like a dork.

bella hissI was sorting laundry in the bedroom and I turned and smacked my pinkie toe on the edge of our wooden hamper. I heard a sickening “POP” sound and the pain was excruciating! It happened on Thursday but I think it’s starting to get better. It still really hurts though, especially if I’ve been on my feet too long, so I’m trying to rest and elevate it as much as possible.

jack ice cream scoopJack was really sick on Saturday, which was a little bit scary. I think he must have eaten something while out in the yard, because we are usually so careful not to give him people food or let him get into things. He was throwing up all day, and was very weak. I was going to take him to the vet but luckily he started to improve late Saturday night after I covered him in cool damp towels and rubbed his tummy. He just curled up against me on the couch and made these sad little whimpering sounds. I felt so bad for him! The picture above is when my husband gave him some water in an ice cream scooper since he seemed very weak and we were scared he was dehydrated. I think he was happy we did that! My poor boy. Luckily, he is back to his usual crazy self now, chasing the cats and running around with his (un)stuffed tiger in his mouth!

tree2012BThere’s still a ton of stuff I want to do to get ready for the holidays, but Netflix just added a ton of Disney movies and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, and it does feel good to put my foot up and rest. And how can I possibly NOT watch The Muppet Movie on instant streaming?

Bubble pendants


I’ve been working on some new message bubble pendants for the shop. So far I am loving the sparkly, glittery results! I should be adding some to my etsy shop soon if anyone is interested, I think these would make a perfect Christmas gift.

More to come!

Small Business Saturday

Today was Small Business Saturday. Although I did manage to stop by some chain stores yesterday for Black Friday(2 was all I could handle to be honest), I always love to support local stores and boutiques over big business.

Today I made sure to stop by some of my favorite local shops to do a little spending.

Main Street in Mesa is such a beautiful and quaint little area, although it has really struggled and has had it’s share of store closures over the past few years. It is usually very quiet, but today I was actually pleased to see that there was very little parking available.

My first stop was FOUND, a home design studio and shop with so many beautiful decorating ideas. I love browsing through there every chance I get, but especially at christmastime, when the entire store smells like fresh pine. Mmmm.

I love the old bicycle hanging from the ceiling. Wonder if my husband would mind if I suspend one somewhere in our house? Note: I need a bigger house.

Another shop I visited today was Design Lab. I’ve never been in before, and I will definitely be back.

It was just filled with christmas decorations, cool old fashioned toys and jars of candy. Such a bright and happy store, and their gift ideas section was so fun to look through.

But honestly, they had me at this arrow. Safe to say I have an obsession with old marquee signs and arrows!

I wandered around a few more shops, and picked up some goodies along the way. Here’s the stuff I wanted me to have.

A bottle of pearly glass glitter, a mini chalk board, an eraser that looks like dice (why do I still love erasers so much?) and dangly aqua earrings. I picked up a few gifts too, but no need to spoil those just yet.

I’m loving my new earrings. Had to share.

I hope you all managed to support your local businesses today, it’s a great cause and it is so much more fun than seeing the same old crap at Target. And if you don’t have any great shops nearby, try to visit a family-owned restaurant if you can. Guaranteed the food will be better anyway!


Making Halloween

I love halloween decorations. In fact, a lot of my year-round home decor and dishes are actually halloween-themed.

My favorite decorations are hand-made ones, which is lucky because this girl is broke! Tonight I had my own little crafty night, and I made two new decorations for the house.

I bought some cheap flowers from the dollar store and popped off the stems, then brushed the edges with glue and dunked them in silver glitter.

Then I used my glue gun to attach them to a $2.99 paper mache witch hat from Michael’s which I had Mod Podge-d with scraps of paper.

Ta-DAA! It’s a charming witch hat, mofo! Can you handle that? Ok, now I’m gonna take it to crafting level 5…..

I bought a styrofoam wreath (already painted orange, nice) and a bag of tiny skull erasers from the Dollar Spot at Target. I glued some black and white ribbon all around that bitch.

I glued those little erasers all over that wreath, popped on a black ribbon bow and one of my leftover glittered flowers, and called it DONE.

Here’s a closeup of the cheapest wreath I’ve ever made, and probably my favorite.

Jack’s favorite is the witch hat. Probably because he got to try it on!


Now you should go make your own halloween crafts! And if they come out lousy, give them away to someone you don’t like very much anyway. Glitter some branches and put them in a cool vase. Glue some google eyes on a gourd or something, you cannot go wrong with a plan like that.


Easter eats and puppy feets

I spent all day today baking and making marshmallows for Easter dessert.

I never made marshmallows before and they were easy, although extremely messy. Had to add sprinkles too, otherwise they just weren’t spring-y enough!

My sister cooked a fantastic dinner and as much as I love cooking, it was really nice to just show up and eat.

And play with Moose, the newest addition to her little brood.

Such a smiley, happy little man he is!!

And he matches his big brother Hurley so well.

Every day should be like today. :)

Good fortune

I’ve been feeling craft-inspired lately. It probably has something to do with the holidays being over and the weather being nice. It puts me in a good mood, which in turn leads to creativity.

I wanted to make something special for Kane for valentine’s day. Crafting something for a guy is really tough. They don’t want jewelry,  and you can’t crochet them anything except for a g-string, and how many of those does he really need? (Kidding, kidding!!!)

I settled on a keepsake. A fortune cookie keepsake!

My husband loves fortune cookies, and I thought it would be fun and sweet to embroider a love fortune on some white ribbon.

And it was! It took longer than I thought, but I love how it turned out.

His first reaction? “Is this because I’m asian?”.

Umm, yes. Yes I guess it is.

Oh hell, another moment in accidental racism. Shoot.