Five facts

  • I hate peanut butter. Yet I love peanuts. I know I’m in the minority on this but it just tastes like butt to me.
  • I can’t climb into bed at night unless it’s nicely made. If the sheets are rumpled and sloppy, I can’t go to sleep until I pull the top sheets completely back, wipe off the fitted sheet until it’s smooth and then remake the bed completely.
  • Pets I have had: Buffy (dog), Benji (cat), Popcorn (hamster), Crockett (goldfish), Tubbs(goldfish), Gizmo (guinea pig), Sam (dog), Pebbles (cat), Barney (cat), Angel (cat), Malcolm (dog), Riley (cat), Fizzgig (cat), Bella (cat).  I’ve never had a pet run away, but I did allow the goldfish to eat each other. The one who survived was flushed. I hate fish.
  • I once tried to write a book when I was about 7, about a girl who went to New York City to see the circus. I wrote almost three whole pages just describing the interior and the seats of the train she took to NY. I gave up after that. That’s the extent of my writing career!
  • I have gained about 70 pounds since high school. Back then my mother would constantly make comments about her suspicions that I was anorexic. Now I can barely zip my fat-day jeans. Oh how times have changed…!

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